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Bookkeeping SUPPORT

Customized for Owner-Operator Truckers looking for a convenient low cost way to have their bookkeeping done and receive monthly/quarterly reports so as to always know the business operating result numbers.

Under this bookkeeping service system, truckers would use one of our customized document delivery system to send us the bookkeeping business papers from anywhere, any time, without having to pack and ship original source documents and become exposed to potential for documents to get lost.

Once your bookkeeping information is processed and the bookkeeping result data and reports are ready, we send you a set of operating financials to make it easy for you to know your business operating numbers and the bottom-line.

At the end of your business quarters, we will send you a customized reports for you to send to your accountants to do the tax filings.

 sample accountant report

This way, we make it easy for truckers to send the bookkeeping information to their accountant as Data instead of paper to do the tax filings.

How to get started

Click the Contact us link to request one of our bookkeeping management accountant to contact you for a brief conversation about your business and get you setup.

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