Independent Software Sales agents opportunity

Start making money and supplement your income selling
TruckersBooks Software to Truckers in Canada and the USA.  You can be earning commission in less than a week!

The timing is right.  Truckers today are always looking for ways to cut cost and save money.  TruckersBooks software offers them just that opportunity.  With this software they will be able to take over the bookkeeping process and do their own bookkeeping, without any bookkeeping experience.

Others will be looking for ways to manage the bookkeeping information on a monthly basis and know their numbers without having to call their accountant.

TruckersBooks Software is an easy-to-use program that is customized for truckers to helps them manage their bookkeeping information and know their numbers without bookkeeping experience or having to call their accountant.  

So join our team and set your own income goals and work schedule.

Work from your home or office.


A Telephone

A computer and Basic computer skills

An Email account

Internet access

We arm our independent sales agents with a short elevator presentation backed up with a professional online support presentation that the independent agent can access anytime and can easily share with potential clients by sending them a link by email to allow them to access and make the software buy decision.

Once the trucker is ready to buy, you can simply login to our buy link at the truckersbooks website and enter the required software purchase and licensing information. 

Alternatively, you can have the truckers go to our website and provide the information.  Either way, you get paid.


Go to Sales Agent Sign-up  page to register as an independent agent.

Please include in the message box a brief introduction about you and why you feel you can be an asset to our company.

We will review your information and if you meet our requirement, we send will send you our standard independent sales agent agreement to be signed and returned.

As soon as the signed agent agreement is received, we will send you your authorized agent ID # and a business card pdf. 

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