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The networking lunch on Saturday will be in Bathsheba by the sea, on the east cost of the island. 

To get you to the lunch, we provide the ground transportation to and back to your hotel, at no cost to you.

For Attendees with departing flights back to your home destination on Saturday or Sunday, here are a few things you can do to heighten your Barbados experience.

Attend the Ostinís Friday Night Fish Fry

If you are a golfer you may be able to get a round in at the Barbados Golf Club, Located in Durants, Christ Church.

Barbados Golf Club

Our ground transportation will get you there and back.  Based on available Tee Time, we may be able to arrange a member discount for your round

You can also click this what to do in Barbados link for more

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Ostinís Friday Night Fish Fry

Barbados Golf Club

This seminar is designed to provide you with workable ideas and system tools for getting qualified leads and ready to sign clients to grow your client base competition free.  Join us at this seminar and change the way you get client


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Barbados Seminar Fee

$1,795.00, Per Attendee

Ground Transportation - included

Hotel, Breakfast and Lunch - included

Dates and times for the Seminar to be announced. Call for planned dates


Bathsheba is located in the
parish of Saint Joseph,

on the east coast of the island of Barbados