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To help truckers get their books in order and ready for their accountants to do the tax filings, we created and are continuing to build a network of accountants with professional designation to provide these services.

 Network Directory of Accountants

This way, at tax time, truckers will be able to easily connect with a CPA located near their office or home-base to do their tax filings.

Why we do it this way?

We believe that year-end tax preparation and any required tax planning consulting, can be more conveniently provided by an accountant located near to the clients office or home office. 

This way, truckers will have the opportunity to easily schedule a mutually convenient meeting with the tax accountant assigned if required. 

In addition, this will allow your year-end financial statement to be prepared by an accountant with  professional designation.

If you are not yet a client and looking for an accountant located near you, click the link to browse our directory of accountants network. 

Alternatively, Click Here to Have one of our Accountants contact you.

If you are an accountant visiting

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If you not yet listed in our directory of accountants, we need you to help make it easy for truckers looking for a CPA accountants to do their tax filings.  Click to add your business to the directory

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