The Opportunity


This is an opportunity for independent sales agents and entrepreneurs looking for a lucrative commission based system to build a dependable work from home income  stream.

As an independent sales agent you will connect with truckers, across Canada and the United States, face-to-face, via telephone, working from home or at Truck Shows and targeted social events and trade shows introducing Truckers to the software and the benefits, with the mission to sell the software.

This is also an opportunity for Bookkeepers and Accountants in the truckers bookkeeping industry, to build a TruckersBooks Software bookkeeping business, helping truckers take control of the bookkeeping data capture side of trucking, by doing their own bookkeeping data entry and the management of the original source documents and leave you free to do the required tax filings.

This way, instead of receiving storage boxes and envelopes from your clients, you will be positioned to receive a set of professionally financial reports instead of paper for you to sort, process and ship back to clients or store to support future audits.

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Benefits to Independent sales Agents

The software a relatively easy sale to truckers.

Plus, it is easy to identify the potential clients

Earn Barbados Sales Performance Vacation Bonus

Fixed Commission for each software sold.  $70.00


What does Independent Sales agents require to be successful

Desire + Effort = Super Success

All you need do is decide to get started.

Next, Set a Goal for how much you want to make

Next, Decide how fast you want to make this amount.

Then do the Math. That is all.

A true easy to use and easy to sell bookkeeping software for trucker interested in reducing their bookkeeping service cost to saving money. This software will allow truckers to always know their operating results numbers each month, without having to call their accountant.

Joining our team is easy. All you need is the desire.

         No product to buy

         No Investment

         No Meetings to attend

         No Training material to buy

         No Product to ship or deliver

Simply introduce the potential clients to the software.

This is a relationship business opportunity.

No competition

No Paperwork to create, manage and maintain

Everything is designed and functions online

Paperless includes commission payments.

Commission paid within two business days after each sale

Commissions paid by Email Bank Transfers


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