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         Managing the business year-end 

How it works:

We know that sometimes as a result of the paperwork compliance demands on the Owner-Operator Trucker, they sometimes fail to submit important information needed to finalize their bookkeeping numbers and tax return preparation.

To eliminate that oversight potential, we created a special year-end data verification report form for truckers to use at year-end to verify information we may already have, and/or as a reminder of information they may have overlooked to provide.


       Personal Tax Information Verification Form

To allow us to provide us with the year-end tax information updates, click the link below to complete the T1 Tax information updating form.

Click this Link-T-1 Tax Data submit Form 

If some of the information you wish to send us is in paper format, please send the documents using our fax upload system or our online scan upload system.

Call us for the fax upload number or the scan-upload link.

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